Assortment Trays

Automotive Fastener Assortment Trays Whether you work at a shop or just out of your garage, it's frustrating to be in the middle of a project and not have the right fasteners to complete the job. Once you spend the time searching around to find the one that you need, then you have to order a larger quantity than you need and also have to wait several days to receive it. Save time and money by ordering one of our curated assortment trays. We've picked the most common types of automotive fasteners, retainers, clips, nuts, and body bolts and have made assortment trays of each.

Don’t Run Out of Automotive Fasteners Again

At Henry’s, you can find an assortment tray of automotive fasteners to fit whatever you’re working on. We’ve bundled the most common types of fasteners, clips, screws, etc. into value-packed assortment trays. Not only do these trays contain all of the most commonly used types of retainers, but they will save you a lot of money versus buying each of the retainers separately. All of the assortment trays come with labels showing the style, quantity and part number for each item within it, allowing you to easily reorder and refill any fastener that you use. Simply order the fasteners that you need and refill that slot in the tray. If you find that you’re using a lot of a particular type of fastener, we also offer bulk pricing on most fasteners.