Assortment Tray Screw-Type Panel Fasteners, 23 Styles – 204 pcs

PART#: AT4013 STARTING AT $79.95

Large assortment tray of screw-type panel fasteners. Comes in plastic tray and includes screw rivets, screw nails and snap pin nails.

Catalog Page Number: 61

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(8) WF44083 – Screw Nail 10mm Hole 20mmW-8mm Stem Black
(8) WF45113 – Screw Rivet 10mm Hole 20mmW-6mm Grip Black
(8) WF46423 – Push Pin Nail 10mm Hole-18mm Washer- 18mm Grip Black
(8) WF46443 – Push Pin Nail 10mm Hole-20mm Washer- 5mm Grip Black
(8) WF46433 – Push Pin Nail 10mm Hole-20mm Washer- 7mm Grip Black
(8) WF45093 – Screw Rivet 9mm Hole-15mmW- 8mm Grip Black
(10) WF44053 – Screw Nail 8mm Hole-20mm 3mm Grip Black
(10) WF44103 – Screw Nail 8mm Hole 20mm Washer 9mm Stem Black
(8) WF45083 – Screw Rivet 8mm Hole 20mmW-8mm Grip Black
(10) WF46334 – Push Pin Nail 8mm Hole-20mm Washer 11mm Stem Black
(10) WF45064 – Screw Rivet 6.3mm Hole 18mm Washer-8mm Grip Black
(10) WF44023 – Screw Nail 7mm Hole-15mm Washer 8mm Grip Black
(10) WF46044 – Push Pin Nail 1/4″ Hole-11/16″ Washer Black
(8) WF46144 – Push Pin Rivet 8mm Hole-25mm W/No Shoulder Black
(10) WF44014 – Screw Nail 6mm Hole-18mm Washer-11mm Stem, 6mm Grip Black
(8) WF46074 – Push Pin Rivet 6mm Hole 25mmW No Shoulder, Black
(8) 1973 – Screw Rivet 8mm Hole
(10) WF46114 – Push Pin Nail 8mm Hole-17mm Washer Black
(10) WF46124 – Push Pin Rivet 8mm Hole-15mm Washer, 20MM Stem, No Shoulder Black
(10) WF46134 – Push Pin Rivet 8mm Hole 20mmW-8mm Grip Black
(8) WF46174 – Push Pin Nail 3/8″ Hole-1″ Washer No Shoulder Black
(8) WF46184 – Push Pin Nail 1/2″ Hole-1″ Washer- 1/8″ Shoulder Black
(8) WF45104 – Screw Rivet 10mm Hole-20mm Octagon W- 6mm Grip Black

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