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Whether you’re spraying the Lizard Skin Sound Control or Ceramic Insulation, get the best coverage by using the Lizard Skin SuperPro gun. Unlike a standard undercoating gun, the SuperPro gun has a larger pickup tube to help pull the high-density material through it with ease. It also comes with a 90 degree tip to help you shoot inside of doors, fenders, and any other hard to reach area.

Each kit includes: spray gun head, 1-quart pot, 90 degree tip, mixing paddle, wet film gauge and instructions.

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A question that arises on a regular basis about the gun is “How different is this from an undercoating gun?” The two primary differences are in the pickup tube diameter and the spray nozzle. The LizardSkin product is thick and requires a 1/2″ pickup tube in the spray gun in order for it to properly flow. The Lizard Skin SuperPro gun has a 1/2″ pickup tub, an adjustable nozzle, and a 90 degree nozzle to help get into those hard to reach areas. We did a side-by-side comparison, spraying both the ceramic insulation and the sound control through the LizardSkin gun and a generic undercoating gun. The generic undercoating gun sprayed the material, but not nearly as evenly as the LizardSkin SuperPro gun. There was also a lot more overspray from the undercoating gun, as more air was being used to try to pull the material out. In our opinion, the Lizard Skin SuperPro gun is the superior gun for this type of application and is worth the extra money.

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